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About Countable

Countable is a civic tech engagement company with the core mission to lower barriers to political engagement. Countable Action licenses political engagement tools to organizations, political campaigns, and companies.

  • Video Testimonial Tool: Countable’s video testimonial tool allows supporters and constituents to respond to calls to action and record video testimonials. This tool eliminates the friction in recording videos and provides ease of use for recording of user generated content, deepen supporter engagement with the candidate, and access to library of videos to repurpose in various efforts. Because of the ease of use of Countable’s video testimonial tool, the candidate will be able to lower barriers to engagement and collect valuable user generated content to advance campaign goals, including but not limited to fundraising, peer to peer engagement and supporter recruitment, GOTV, volunteer recruitment, targeted ads, and video montages.

  • Political Action Center: State parties have the opportunity to create their own customized Political Action Centers. This will enable each state party to be at the center of its constituents world, by lending a regular stream of actionable opportunities specific to their state. From relevant political news and legislative updates, to advocacy campaigns and volunteer / donation opportunities.