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For pricing matrix and bundling options, please reach out to tech-ecosystem@dnc.org

About Swayable

Swayable measures how political advertising changes minds, both on support and intent to vote.

The platform takes video content and shows it to hundreds or thousands of respondents, also asking questions to determine opinions. By comparing the answers of respondents who have seen test content to those in a control group, it automatically measures how much impact each video has.

Sophisticated, automated data science balances the respondent groups and reweights statistics to give the best possible estimate of impact on the actual target population. Breakdowns of the impact on a wide range of demographic groups are given, including age, gender, self-reported ethnicity, income, location, and political history.

Typical results enable campaigns to increase the impact of their paid media spend by as much as 2–4X by promoting the right content to the right people, and avoiding promoting content shown to have zero or negative impact.

Please reach out to tech-ecosystem@dnc.org for a case study.

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