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About RevUp

RevUp is a fundraising data analytics company. The software automates the most important, yet tedious, fundraising tasks:

  • Automated Donor Research - no more time spent on researching campaign finance databases for donor giving history. How many hundreds of hours does your campaign spend on pulling together research for Call Sheets? A Leaner Team: More time raising, less time researching.

  • Mobile Call Time - One-Click-To-Call & One-Click-To-Text Functionality (raise money on drive time, record call results, take notes on the candidate’s phone, share notes with campaign staff from anywhere–with your donors’ history included).

  • Automated Research on Digital and Mail Acquisitions - How many of your $50 donors could be giving you $500? Without RevUp you will simply never know.

  • Special Logins for Host Committee Members - the same donor research for their friends and colleagues; No more low-turnout events! For the first time ever, your campaign can share fundraising technology and deputize volunteers & hosts to raise on your behalf.

  • Automated Contact Retrieval, Merge, DeDupe & Analysis from .CSV, LinkedIn, Gmail, Outlook, and iPhone

The only thing you can’t raise more of is time. RevUp works with campaigns up and down the ballot to raise more money with fewer resources. We look forward to helping you win!

*Please note - while we do not have a two-way API with NGP, we do have a one-way integration into our system. Additionally, our clients are able to easily import and export data either way via .csv.