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  • Budgeting and analytics web-app.



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About Warchest

Campaign budgeting is uniquely difficult. Your campaign must artfully spend down to zero. Yet, you are also raising and spending most of your resources in the final weeks of the campaign. It’s like hitting a bullseye on a moving target, and missing can have significant consequences – going into debt or underutilizing precious resources.

Creating and managing the budget on a spreadsheet wastes precious time, and their formulas constantly break. Spreadsheets can also be imprecise and often require estimation when accuracy matters most.

Warchest helps manage your campaign’s budget. It is a web-based budget application with integrated fundraising and expense data providing managers with accurate, real-time financial analysis and planning. Warchest allows real-time cash-on-hand calculations, quick budget reconciliation, bulk uploading of financial data, forecasting capabilities, and much more.