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About Project Vantage

Project Vantage is a tool built by the DNC that makes it easy to keep track of research materials. It is a web-based system to search, store, and share various assets a researcher finds— including videos, audio files, and documents. Every year, hard-earned footage used to disappear due to staff turnover and lack of an organized central repository. Vantage fixes this problem. All assets are retained and organized so that future Democrats will have access to this vital material.

Features include:

  • More than a decade of footage collected by DNC Research.

  • A powerful search system that allows you to filter your searches by attributes such as candidate, date, event type, transcript terms, and much more, so you can quickly and easily find the videos you need.

  • A tool to easily upload footage from a computer or smartphone.

  • A calendar tool that allows you to easily track and distribute events (yours or your opponents) to allies by generating an easy- to- read email of upcoming events or you can sync it to automatically add events to your calendar.