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About Lab 736

Lab 736 is a technical SWAT team modernizing access to local political technology. Our name comes from the U.S. Digital Service: an emergency response team of private sector technologists recruited by President Obama’s White House to help prevent mission critical technology failures across our government.

Lab 736 works with local Democratic actors to make sure they are as efficient and effective as possible and have access to what they need to provide the best services available to all the candidates in their state. Then Lab 736 makes sure that what they learn makes all Democratic technology stronger.

The approach is simple. Lab 736 embeds a team of experts on the ground inside progressive and Democratic organizations who know both how to work in a bureaucratic, political environment and how to uncover the reality of a situation through deep research. They then map the Democratic ecosystem in a state, identify the needs of local Democrats, match them with existing tools that fit their needs, and identify solutions to their problems. Lab 736 advises progressives building or deploying tech nationwide to ensure it meets local needs. They work with the party to test, iterate, and scale technology.

If you or your organization know that you could be smarter about security, you know you could be leveraging technology to be more effective, or you are confused about the technology landscape and what to trust, Lab 736 can help.