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what it is

  • Fundraising
  • Mobilization
  • Phone Tool
  • Volunteer Recruitment



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Only work with Democrats and progressives


For pricing matrix and bundling options, please reach out to tech-ecosystem@dnc.org

About 5 Calls

5 Calls provides phone tools for campaigns that are more engaging for volunteers and managed more easily by busy campaign managers.

  • One-click creation and promotion of phone banks for critical campaign functions

    • Recruiting volunteers

    • Fundraising

    • Voter contact / engagement

    • GOTV

  • Retain more volunteers with social incentives / simpler user experience

    • Easily schedule volunteers into events

    • Host phone banks locally or tap into remote volunteers

5 Calls has an integration with VAN or raw CSV files for voter contact lists and an integration with Mobilize America for events / phone banks.