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About CivicEngine by BallotReady

CivicEngine by BallotReady creates digital tools to recruit, inform, and mobilize candidates and voters at every level of government. CivicEngine has five main products:

  • Become a Candidate: a candidate recruitment platform displaying information on every open office candidates can run for, based on address and eligibility.

  • Digital slate cards: personalized voter guides and slate cards for primaries, caucuses, special elections, and general elections. Mobile-friendly and designed to be shared via text message, email, and social media and used by voters in the voting booth

  • Make a Plan to Vote: Polling location look-up for caucuses, early voting, election day, and vote by mail with build in plan-making and text message/email reminders.

  • Elections dashboard: dashboard shows elections all the way down to the municipal level, and information about voting, including early voting, absentee voting, and voter ID rules.

  • Filing dashboard: dashboard shows information on every race in the state, including the incumbent and whether they’re running, which candidates have filed, and past history of the race.