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Only work with Democrats and progressives


For pricing matrix and bundling options, please reach out to tech-ecosystem@dnc.org

About Empower Engine

Empower Engine is the mapping tool for campaigns and advocacy organizations. It helps campaign staff make good decisions and communicate those decisions. Everyone can visually look at models and demographics, and field staff can see progress-report maps that update every night, showing data automatically pulled from VAN*. Organizers’ maps are bounded and scaled by their turf, because what is relatively blue or relatively dense varies drastically by geography. Maps show your volunteers that their time is well spent, and they show your funders that their money is well spent, so you’ll get more of both.

Empower Engine categorization maps save days of work when defining or modifying organizer (and neighborhood team) turf. They also replace the maps you color on the office wall, whether you’re highlighting target districts or tracking where you’ve sent volunteers. It used to take hours of a data person’s time to make any map, but with Empower Engine, anyone on the campaign can pull one in seconds; maps can be as prevalent as lists. Empower Engine maps save precious staff time while motivating the whole team – from funders down to the volunteers.

*Empower Engine pulls data in bulk, so it integrates with NGP VAN through a VAN Sync rather than through a traditional API. Any campaigns using Votebuilder will be seamlessly connected through the DNC’s Stork/Vertica. Other organizations can use the Civis Platform or other VAN Sync setups. Integrations with other ETLs are easy to implement if desired.