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ESRI, Factual, Neustar, IBM, Eventful


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About Field Day

Field Day executes paid canvassing campaigns at scale. They have built a robust platform to help political candidates and organizations structure their local paid canvassing efforts. Field Day’s data, tools, and analytics enable you to discover local opportunities and activate internal staff or Field Day canvassers. To proactively identify and execute localized canvassing efforts, relevant data points are gathered for each market, including: weather, local events, business listings, and consumer information.

Leveraging the Field Day app, you can ignite curated community canvassers to deploy localized campaigns - from canvassing local businesses to residences to handing out flyers at community events or in dense areas to placing door hangers and more. With Field Day, you have the ability to activate on-demand canvassers to take advantage of any forum. All the important information is tracked (i.e. geo- tracking, time, photos, notes.) and synced to the Field Day platform. Paid canvassing is a lever to pull at the end of a campaign to help surge to victory.