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For pricing matrix and bundling options, please reach out to tech-ecosystem@dnc.org

About FlipGrid

Campaigns can now easily and affordably collect videos from their supporters with the FlipGrid app. Campaigns create a link with the question for users to answer which is sent by email, SMS, Twitter or through Facebook. Supporters record their videos from either a laptop or smartphone and can share their videos on social media. All the videos are automatically uploaded so the campaign can pick the best ones to promote further. Videos can also edited to produce campaign ads.

This father’s video about his daughter in the Alabama election got over 5 million views Authentic messages from real people have credibility and impact.

Flipgrid is available as both a free and paid app. It’s is easy to use and has millions of users. DemLabs has applied FlipGrid in dozens of campaigns and offers. DemLabs trains campaigns & advocacy groups on how to use FlipGrid to run smarter campaigns with crowdsourced videos and social media.

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