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what it is

  • CRM
  • Digital
  • Emailing
  • Field Program
  • Internal Communication
  • Mobilization
  • Training
  • Volunteer Recruitment



api integration

VAN, Action Network


Only work with Democrats and progressives


For pricing matrix and bundling options, please reach out to tech-ecosystem@dnc.org

About Hylo

Hylo is a communication and collaboration tool for large networks. The tool is designed to help groups share resources and accomplish their goals. Hylo takes the concepts and experience of social networks, focuses on collaborative groups, and adds posts that express the available or needed resources, skills and information.

With Hylo, campaigns and parties can easily bring campaign staff, candidates, and volunteers into one conversation. Hylo allows campaign staff to encourage specific actions, track volunteer engagement, and canvas their volunteers for specific skills. This helps unlock the potential for every volunteer, and helps campaigns mobilize to win.