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  • Field Program
  • Mobilization
  • Turf-cutting
  • Volunteer Recruitment

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Only work with Democrats and progressives


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About MiniVAN by NGP VAN

MiniVAN is a free mobile canvassing application that integrates seamlessly with VoteBuilder. The MiniVAN system allows users to export canvassing lists from VoteBuilder onto an iOS or Android device. Canvassers can then enter data into their device as they talk to people on their list. When the canvassers connect their device to the Internet over a wireless or cellular network, they upload their data back to VoteBuilder with the touch of a button, but contacts can take place and get recorded without a data connection. Administrative users on VoteBuilder review the data and apply it to their database in one quick step.

Canvassing with MiniVAN allows users and volunteers to spend more time and resources on actually contacting people instead of on data entry or printing paper canvass packets. What’s more, it virtually eliminates the lag time between collecting canvass results and putting that data to work. Our Online Action forms can also be added to MiniVAN, allowing canvassers to collect signups, volunteer information, and petitions.

  • NGP VAN’s Turf Cutting tools are free to all VoteBuilder users. These features incorporate the best practices from the most successful campaigns, with innovative features like auto-turf and turf management that save time and make your program more efficient. Generate turfs and walk sheets with custom scripts, maps, and corresponding lists of voters for canvassing based on universes you create, whether based on political geography or other attributes. These features are seamlessly integrated with our mobile canvassing app, MiniVAN, which is also free for download and use from the Apple and Google Play stores.

  • MiniVAN Manager offers real time reporting and accountability features to campaigns. MiniVAN Manager shows you the vital stats of every canvasser, including location, progress and effectiveness in real time. See where your canvassers are, when they last knocked on a door, what their contact rate is, and more, all from your MiniVAN Manager dashboard.

  • MiniVAN Street Team allows users to recruit supporters and collect data at events or on the street using the most trusted mobile canvassing app on the market. Leverage the canvassing power of MiniVAN without a pre-loaded list of contacts or households. Collect data and add new contacts directly into your VoteBuilder database in real time. Fully integrated with VoteBuilder, MiniVAN, and MiniVAN Manager.