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About MobilizeAmerica

MobilizeAmerica is a platform that connects individuals, grassroots groups, and national progressive organizations with the most impactful volunteer-led electoral actions to elect Democrats.

MobilizeAmerica allows campaigns to tap into new volunteer bases, reduce flake rate, improve volunteer data quality. A single organizer costs ~$4K or more per month in salary and benefits, and spends countless hours in manual data entry and spreadsheet management, inefficient follow-up with volunteers, and limited reach online. The platform saves staff time – any campaign’s most valuable resource.

  • Save staff time dedicated to:

    • Event creation across multiple platforms

    • Data entry & spreadsheet management

    • Manual confirmation calls & texts

    • Follow-up with individual volunteers

    • Grassroots volunteer allocation across staging locations

    • Web development associated with advertising specific events

    • Building and managing relationships with progressive organizations

  • Scale volunteer action by:

    • Simplifying communication with your existing grassroots volunteer base

    • Maximizing conversion of leads into active volunteers

    • Reaching new volunteer bases

    • Reducing flake rate

  • Build your volunteer base for the long-term, by collecting and integrating volunteer data into VAN that would otherwise remain siloed in spreadsheets