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  • Field Program
  • Mobilization
  • Volunteer Recruitment

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Only work with Democrats and progressives


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About OpenVPB by NGP VAN

NGP VAN’s free OpenVPB tool allows VAN users to publish their Virtual Phone Banks to a publicly accessible webpage. That will allow volunteers to make calls without having given them a login to VAN. It’s easy too: just click one button when you’re setting up a VPB, and you’ll be provided with a unique web page URL. All script elements, like Activist Codes, Survey Questions, and Events are available - including the Event Scheduler.

You can then share that Open VPB unique URL with volunteers, activists and staff members, so that they can begin calling that phone bank universe. Again, they don’t need a VAN account — just an ActionID that they can create themselves. Because they’ll use an ActionID, instead of recycled volunteer VAN logins, you’ll be able to track canvasser attribution more accurately, and see more accurately over time which volunteers make a lot of calls for you.

If a volunteer later becomes someone that you want to have a VAN login, you can just link their ActionID account to a VAN login (and they can use ActionID to log into VAN).