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  • Analytics
  • Digital
  • Emailing
  • Field Program
  • Fundraising
  • Mobilization
  • SMS
  • Turf-cutting.
  • Volunteer Recruitment

api integration

Political Data, Inc., NationBuilder, CrowdSkout, Catalist


Only work with Democrats and progressives


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About Organizer

Organizer’s mobile app allows campaigns to go paperless: no more cumbersome walk sheets, long nights of data entry at the office, or inaccurate data from the field.

Organizer is committed to revolutionizing progressive outreach by reaching more communities, with more conversations that matter. The Organizer ecosystem of products will support your field team through your guided conversation at the door, on the street corner, or at a campaign event. Their adaptive survey technology has the flexibility to allow campaigns to take signatures, test messaging, persuade a likely voter, or even fundraise – all from the canvasser’s mobile phone. At the field office, your organizers are cutting turf with ease, monitoring canvasser activity via geolocation, and getting results back in real-time.

The tool has knocked 35 million doors and enabling over 12 million actual conversations, Organizer is excited to share their tool with you so your team can be more effective in the field, spend less money, and waste less time.

Note: Organizer has a VAN integration.