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what it is

  • CRM
  • Digital
  • Field Program
  • Fundraising
  • Mobilization
  • SMS
  • Volunteer Recruitment



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Only work with Democrats and progressives


For pricing matrix and bundling options, please reach out to tech-ecosystem@dnc.org

About Outvote

Outvote is an app that allows organizers to support their local campaigns by sending out election reminders, event invites, recruiting volunteers, fundraising, and of course getting out the vote through friend networks. Outvote allows users to prioritize who to contact in their network based on location, registration status, voting history, and more.

Supporters can coordinate directly with campaign staff using scripts they’ve setup so all the information they need is at their fingertips. They can also see the campaign buzz in an activity feed and track their impact on the campaign. Campaigns can see insights into how their tasks are performing in a CMS and send push notifications to activate their supporters.

Anyone can join Outvote and begin digitally supporting a Democratic campaign in less than 10 minutes.