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  • Field Program
  • Mobilization
  • Volunteer Recruitment

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Only work with Democrats and progressives


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About Paid Phone Services by NGP VAN

NGP VAN offers multiple phone services.

  • Predictive Dialer makes phone banking up to three times more efficient than hand dialing, saving both time and money. Script creation, universe selection, scheduling, and the caller interface can all be accessed directly through VoteBuilder, and results are received in real time.

  • RoboCalls and RoboSurveys allow anyone to cut any list of voters, members or volunteers, walk through a short, intuitive wizard to record a message, and monitor the call or survey progress as data is collected.

  • With NGP VAN’s Live Call Tool, send any list and script through VAN and then deploy to a high quality call center to complete voter contact, surveys, GOTV, patch through calls, or a variety of other phone programs. Unlike other market tools, the Live Call Tool allows for Survey Question Responses, Activist Codes, and disposition codes to be synced with your database in near real time. We have worked with multiple clients to provide high quality, low cost calls to supplement their program so that volunteers and organizers can focus their work in other areas. Transfers and Spanish dialects also available.