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About Resistbot

Resistbot is a chat bot that over 4 million people use to contact their elected officials in Congress and state governments, find town halls and local political events, volunteer for resistance groups, and otherwise engage civically between elections. Resistbot’s vision is to drive overall turnout by engaging citizens year-round, not just every 2 or 4 years.

Text the word “resist” to 50409 on any mobile phone to try it.

Campaigns and groups can purchase keywords on the service in order to get a GOTV program and build their lists. In 2017, the Murphy for N.J. campaign employed this to rave reviews. This program encouraged voting plan creation, and provided election day reminders and polling places. Resistbot also supports signing up for volunteer shifts, gathering feedback from voters, and more features for paid customers. The bot is available on SMS, as well as Messenger, Twitter (direct message), and Telegram. Press and user testimonials are available on Resistbot’s website.