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what it is

  • Analytics
  • CRM
  • Digital
  • Emailing
  • Field Program
  • Fundraising
  • Mobilization
  • SMS
  • Volunteer Recruitment

api integration

VAN, Facebook


Only work with Democrats and progressives


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About Team App by The Tuesday Company

The Team app was built to enable campaign staffers to mobilize, track, and empower volunteers as a seamless part of the overall campaign strategy. Leveraging the power of digital communities, Team provides the infrastructure for campaigns to direct effective friend-to-friend communication and organic content amplification.

Campaign staffers can direct volunteers to push content through their friend networks. With Team App, volunteers share content on their personal walls as an organic post. Because the content comes directly from a friend, it carries the important aspect of social trust.

Campaign staffers can facilitate true friend-to-friend outreach as part of their standard field program. The Team app facilitates true relational organizing by allowing you to direct volunteers to send texts, emails, phone calls, and Facebook messages from the volunteers’ personal accounts. All outreach is tracked through volunteer reporting and with proprietary technology that allows campaigns to monitor voter engagement with campaign content. In this way, Team ensures that each voter hears the right message for them, from the right messenger.

Team App harnesses the social networks of your volunteers for trust- based relational organizing. The tool updates the voter file with the likes, shares, and comments of content your volunteers share through Team App. The app also automatically updates your voter file with the outcome of the friend-to-friend contact your volunteers are doing.